Best Signs You Need AC Repair Work Performed

Is your AC unit not working and you need Air Conditioning Repair Service Performed?

Are your heating and cooling systems not running smoothly and you think it is time for emergency service AC repair work to be performed?

Today you will learn how to determine if indeed you need to contact an air handler to perform an air conditioning service call on your energy-efficient business or home air conditioner condenser unit.  

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How To Properly Diagnose Your Air Conditioning System

Air Conditioner Diagnostics

Air conditioner diagnostics is carried out in two cases: when bringing service and when the air conditioner breaks down. Unlike many other household appliances, the air conditioner is essentially a rather complicated device that requires regular maintenance and monitoring the health of all its parts and assemblies. To maintain the air conditioner in full working condition, it is required from time to time to carry out its service, which includes both prevention and air conditioner diagnostics.

Some models of the most modern air conditioners are equipped with built-in self-diagnostics systems that allow the air conditioner to independently diagnose the status of all devices in automatic mode. It will then output the data of the diagnostic results to the air conditioner display, and if necessary, in case of a critical fault, it will atuomatically turn off the air conditioner. 

Technical specialists produce a full range of services for the diagnosis of air conditioners and their service. Timely prevention of air conditioners sold by AC repair companies allows us to maintain in working condition all air conditioners installed by AC repair specialists. During the diagnostics of the air conditioner, all the faults that are present in the unit are detected, and the reasons that led to the appearance of breakdowns in the air conditioner are found.

Such reasons may include improper operation of the air conditioner by the user (his failure to comply with the air conditioner’s instructions for use), poor installation of the air conditioner during installation, use of the air conditioner in winter conditions without an additional device ” winter start of the air conditioner ” and other reasons.

The main goal of the air conditioner diagnostics is a general assessment of the technical condition of the examined device, which is achieved by measuring and analyzing the main parameters of the air conditioner, in working order which are:

1. operation of the refrigeration circuit of the air conditioner

2. chilled airflow characteristics

3. energy parameters of the air conditioner compressor

The main measuring tools used in the diagnosis of air conditioning are:


leak detector

electronic tester (universal)

gauge manifold

clamp meter

In the process of conducting diagnostics on the air conditioner, it is necessary first of all to check the entire refrigerant circuit of the air conditioner for its moisture and acid content. If acid or moisture is present in the refrigeration circuit, then this is the first sign that it is time to sound the alarm. 

If the diagnostics of the conditioner showed the presence of acid or moisture in the circuit, then they must be urgently removed from there, and this operation is the most time-consuming in the entire process of diagnostics of the conditioner and its maintenance.

You should also check the condensing coil, circuit breaker, evaporator coil, and fan motor if you heaitng and air unit has stopped working or is working harder than it should be.

Timely performance of both air conditioner diagnostics and its service will be the key to long-lasting and trouble-free operation of your air conditioner. In no case do not try to repair your air conditioner yourself, this can lead to even more serious breakdowns and the complete failure of the air conditioner, as a result of which you may need to overhaul the air conditioner.

Causes For Central Air Systems To Stop Working

There are many reasons why an air conditioner can fail. Perhaps the most important of them are poor-quality, unprofessional installation of air conditioning. Very often, amateur “installers” in the bud ruin the fate of the installed air conditioner, producing unqualified actions to install it. Therefore, from whom you have entrusted the installation of air conditioning, its further fate directly depends.

Therefore, we recommend trusting the installation of the purchased air conditioner only to trusted companies that have all the equipment for proper installation of your air conditioner. Easily succumbing to the dubious temptation to save on the cost of installing the air conditioner, you get in return a poor-quality installation and the need to contact an air conditioner repair company very soon.

The next common cause of air conditioner breakage is clogged air conditioner filters. To avoid this, you need to carefully study the instructions for your air conditioner and clean the filters on time. If you do not do this, then gradually, as the filters get dirty, the air conditioner will get worse and worse to cool the room, lose more power, automatically switch to a more intensive mode of operation and eventually fail, which will result in expensive repairs. air conditioner.

Another common cause of air conditioner breakdowns is the installation of an air conditioner with deliberately insufficient power for a given room. Very often, wanting to save money, the user orders an air conditioner that is inferior in its capacity to that needed, and provides understated values ​​for the heat released in the room. 

As a result, the air conditioner starts working for wear, as it does not have time to cool the room in the allotted time and has to turn on, again and again, to compensate for the missing power. Ultimately, all this will again lead to the cost of repairing the air conditioner.

Another reason for the failure of the air conditioner is the natural leakage of freon from the refrigerant circuit. In order to maintain the necessary gas pressure in the air conditioner, it is necessary to timely fill the air conditioner with a new portion of freon. 

Such refueling should be carried out at least once every one and a half to two years, and only professionals can perform this operation. If you notice the formation of frost on the fittings of the air conditioner, then this is the first sign that the freon pressure is lowered and the air conditioner urgently needs refueling.

The next reason for the breakdown of the air conditioner is its operation in the winter season. When the outside air temperature is below minus 5 degrees centigrade, the air conditioner that is not equipped with a special device for working in the cold season cannot be turned on. If you still need to operate the air conditioner in the winter, purchase and install a “winter start conditioner” device. This will allow you to avoid serious damage to your air conditioner.

And, finally, another common cause of air conditioner breakdowns is abnormal user actions. Most conditioners of the so-called elite group have built-in protection against unforeseen user actions, in particular, most of the prestigious air conditioners have such protection function. 

But if you have purchased an economy class air conditioner, then we advise you to study the operating instructions of the air conditioner as thoroughly as possible to avoid any abnormal situations. As a rule, such situations occur when the air conditioning control panel falls into the hands of children. Therefore, try to keep the control panel out of the reach of children.

Choosing The Right Air Conditioning System For You

So, you faced a difficult task to determine the choice of air conditioner, the best fit for your room. As in most cases, the most important factor in choosing the air conditioner will be … right, your budget. If funds are extremely limited, and air conditioning is needed, as they say, desperately, then the cheapest option would be to buy a window air conditioner. All the pros and cons of choosing a window air conditioner are described in the article about the types of air conditioners.

If the funds allow, it is better to opt for a split-system type air conditioner. This is a completely different class of air conditioners, and at your disposal, there is the remote control of the air conditioner, and with it a lot of very useful functions that allow you to control your air conditioner and customize it to your comfort requirements. Most often, air conditioners, recognized by many experts in the field of climate technology as the best air conditioners in the world, are used for air conditioning.

In the overwhelming majority of cases, the choice of a household air conditioner comes down to the choice of a particular brand of split- wall-type systems. Such systems are distinguished by a rather low noise level and a good design, which allows the air conditioner to fit organically into the existing interior. In addition, you can completely freely choose the installation location of the air conditioner and get maximum comfort from the purchased air conditioning system.

As a rule, the outdoor unit of the wall-mounted air conditioner is installed outside the room directly below the window, and the internal unit is located inside the close to the window. Thus, the distance between two blocks usually does not exceed 4-6 meters, which has a positive effect on the performance of the air conditioner, and also allows you to save some amount on the air conditioner installation.

But there are other types of placement of the internal units of the split-systems, namely: channel, cassette conditioners, floor-ceiling, and column air-conditioners.

Ducted Air Conditioners

In general, the choice of channel conditioner is optimal in the case when it comes to the air conditioning of the whole office, a large apartment or even a cottage. This type of air conditioner is different from all the others in that it makes it possible to solve simultaneously the problem of air conditioning and the problem of ventilation for a whole group of rooms.

The channel conditioner is installed behind the false ceiling and becomes completely invisible. However, only the channel air conditioner has the ability to supply air from the street, which makes this type of air conditioner a truly ideal option.

An even more powerful type of air conditioner is a central air conditioner that allows you to perform almost all imaginable and unimaginable operations with air and distribute it through duct systems to different rooms of the same building. But this is an air conditioner of a completely different class, namely, the class of industrial air conditioners, which are used to service large objects.

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